Jan 13, 2014

Amateur Radio Frequencies By Class

Below is a list of frequencies available to transmit on as a licensed amateur radio operator.  Included are the beginning and end of each frequency range, the allowed modes, and the minimum class needed to be allowed to transmit.

Starts Ends Modes Min Class
160 Meter
1.8Mhz 2.0Mhz CW,Phone,Image,RTTY/Data General
80 Meters
3.525Mhz 3.600Mhz CW Only Technician
3.525Mhz 3.600Mhz CW, RTTY/Data General
3.800Mhz 4.00Mhz CW, Phone, Image General
40 Meters
7.025Mhz 7.125Mhz CW Only Technician
7.025Mhz 7.125Mhz CW, RTTY/Data General
7.125Mhz 7.300Mhz CW, Phone, Image General
30 Meters 1
10.100Mhz 10.150Mhz CW, RTTY/Data General
20 Meters
14.025Mhz 14.150Mhz CW, RTTY/Data General
14.225Mhz 14.350Mhz CW, Phone, Image General
14.150Mhz 14.350Mhz CW, Phone, Image Extra
17 Meters
18.068Mhz 18.110Mhz CW, RTTY/Data General
18.110Mhz 18.168Mhz CW, Phone, Image General
15 Meters
21.025Mhz 21.200Mhz CW Only Technician
21.025Mhz 21.200Mhz CW, RTTY/Data General
21.275Mhz 21.450Mhz CW, Phone, Image General
21.000Mhz 21.200Mhz CW, RTTY/Data Extra
21.200Mhz 21.450Mhz CW, Phone, Image Extra
12 Meters
24.890Mhz 24.930Mhz CW, RTTY/Data General
24.930Mhz 24.990Mhz CW, Phone, Image General
10 Meters
28.000Mhz 28.300Mhz CW, RTTY/Data Technician 1
28.300Mhz 28.500Mhz CW, Phone Technician 1
28.300Mhz 29.700Mhz CW, Phone, Image General
6 Meters
50.000Mhz 50.100Mhz CW Only Technician
50.100Mhz 54.000Mhz CW, Phone, Image, MCW, RTTY/Data Technician
2 Meters
144.000Mhz 144.100Mhz CW Only Technician
144.100Mhz 148.000Mhz CW, Phone, Image, MCW, RTTY/Data Technician
1.25 Meters
222.00Mhz 225.00Mhz CW, Phone, Image, MCW, RTTY/Data Technician
70 Centimeters
420.00Mhz 450.00Mhz CW, Phone, Image, MCW, RTTY/Data Technician
33 Centimeters
902.00Mhz 928.00Mhz CW, Phone, Image, MCW, RTTY/Data Technician
23 Centimeters
1270.00Mhz 1295.00Mhz CW, Phone, Image, MCW, RTTY/Data Technician

  1. Max power 200W PEP

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